Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Humiliations Galore!

Humiliations Galore

I like wearing skirts, I really do. I'm really not a slacks person, more a jeans or skirts person. This morning has made me re-think the issue of wearing slacks to work...almost.

I was having a temper tantrum. Robert had asked me to get #3 up early this morning, he had school work to fix. I did, granted I didn't wake up very cheerfully.

I know those of you that have known me for most of my life are laughing hysterically right now. The thing is, I have come leaps and bounds in the past 15 years. None of you would recognize me first thing in the morning. I still can't say that I'm perky, but no one has been in mortal danger from me upon awakening in many, many years. If they are, they have deserved it. I have made Herculean efforts to be patient and nice in the morning. But I digress.

Robert woke me up, I did the 3 minute cuddle with #3, then took the dogs out. When I came in I got ready to get in the shower. Rob't complained that I hadn't, "stuck with," #3. He had been walking when I left him, I saw the whites of his eyes, he mumbled coherently to me, I (erroneously) assumed my job was done. I was already grumpy about being up (Rob't & I have differing opinions on the best method of awakening someone), needed to get in the shower, dress, do the whole hair & makeup thing, BLEH. Went in an growled @ #3, "Get dressed right now, you were up, don't make my life harder, we can end the 3 min. cuddle if you don't appreciate it, blah, blah, blah, ad naseum." The boy really is my kid, he wakes up so hard, which is why I'm stuck with getting him out of bed, at least I have some empathy. Anyway...

Rob't was asking me to do all these things. Nothing big, just little, getting ready to go things. It is really no big deal, but this morning it pissed me off. He seems to have them more organized as far as backpacks go, so there isn't that to worry about. He always did the ironing, and I always did getting the boys up. Other than that, I basically got the boys ready and out the door in the morning, by myself. He always had this idea in his head of when he wanted to leave, and nothing would deter him from that. Granted, I probably never asked him for help, but I always heard that he had a time schedule and his time schedule was sacred. Apparently it still is. He just kept asking me to do this, find that, yada, yada, yada, this morning. He doesn't seem to understand or care that I have alot to do, for myself, in the morning to leave also. There is the shower, hair, make-up (& half of that I put on in the car anyway!), etc. I didn't say anything to him, like a complete moron, but eventually barked, "Hey I have things to do too!" This, unfortunately, was when he was walking out the door. Like Flylady always says, "Nobody likes a martyr, especially the martyr." I will talk to him tonight about letting me get ready for work. Again with the digressing.

Anyway, I took #1 to school in a snit. Bitchy, bitchy, bitchy. I asked #1 his opinion about what happened this morning & he just said, "Hey, I'm staying out of this one." Smart boy. After I dropped him off I decided that I deserved eyeliner. I stopped at the Walgreen's to get some. I parked in the 15 min. spot, right by the door, because it wouldn't take me that long. A man was getting into the car to my left as I was getting out. While I was walking, to the right, in the store my skirt just didn't feel right. I ran my hand down the back to check it, felt okay. It still seemed weird. As I passed in front of the door to go in I checked my reflection...the back of the skirt was all bunched up!!!!! I got inside the store, freaked, fixed the skirt and went to look for the eyeliner. The man getting in his car probably got a great show...I have no idea how much of a show & don't want to know. If this was still BW(before work), I wouldn't be wearing a stinking skirt on a Tuesday morning! I would be wearing jeans or shorts or something that is incapable (almost) of flashing anyone unintentionally! I could have been still half asleep instead of fully aware. Most importantly...I wouldn't have given a thought to eyeliner & if I deserved it or not.

The thing that frightens me the most about it is that I'm not all that embarrassed about it. I keep thinking that I should be, but I just am not all that worked up about it. Does that mean I'm an old lady? Rob't keeps telling me that I'm no spring chicken anymore...Butthead.

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