Sunday, April 8, 2007

HAPPY EASTER!...Or how to keep my husband from killing my boys

The Lord has risen! My boys may soon be in their graves.

We got up early, Robert made breakfast, the princess hunted eggs with the assistance of her brothers, we went to brunch at Havana Cafe (yum, yum yum, their food is just so good), back to Wawa's for more egg hunting. All in all a very nice day. Robert then drove the ladies to the Casino for the traditional Easter gambling. The kids & I came home. I took a nice nap. The boys were playing outside with their weapons. These weapons are great and I wholly endorse them. They are pvc pipe with pool noodles over them for padding, then the whole things is covered in duct tape for sturdiness. Nice weapons...I even like fighting with them, but then I am a twisted person. Anyway, back to the nap. I woke up to my princess snuggled up next to me and was lying there basking in her beauty when there came shouts from outside. These were not the battle crys that had lulled me to sleep. Then I heard my name. They barged in the house yelling, "Mom, mom, a bad thing happened!!! Did you hear that big crash? At least we can get a free box of Omaha steaks!" This was from son #3. There is an autoglass company that advertises here that when you have them replace your windsheild they will give you a free box of Omaha steaks. You must remember that I am still in that post nap, sleep befuddled haze. It was so nice, I didn't want to leave it. I got up, went outside and found that the entire back window of the van had shattered!!

Apparently they were fighting, #3 was by the van, #1 threw a rock, #3 had the audacity to duck, bumping into the window, the rock thrown by #1 hit said window and shattered it.

I called my dad. He is calling autoglass places. We are cleaning up the mess. #1 said, "I'm gonna be Papa's bitch for a long time, huh?"

He couldn't be more right.

I still have no idea how to save my sons.

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lady31 said...

I am still in shock!!! I would have given birth to a cow!!