Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm a Guardian Angel

I'm a collector of kids. I have my own amazing minions, as well as a slew of their friends that call me mom. Most of my collection are boys, but I'm sure more girls will be added as The Princess gets older.  When I was young I imagined I would have twice the number of children I do.  But now I have all these extras to love & play with & I don't have to be responsible for their homework...boy howdy is that a plus.

Leila introduced me to Reece's Rainbow and all the precious orphans that so desperately need families.  I can't allow myself too much time on the site because I want to bring them all home...especially the boys.  Then came Kurt. I fell into his big, brown eyes and wasn't able to surface.  I want to kiss those cheeks and get him to smile. If my life were different I would snatch him up so fast, but it isn't. His cerebral palsy is mild and he only had $10 in his fund! So now I'm Kurt's guardian angel.  I'm committed to praying for him and helping him find his family. The kids are praying for their "little brother".  I know his mama is out there, she just needs to see him!

The Beat Goes On

School is nearly finished, for all of us.  #1 & I have been done for a week now & the rest of the minions will finish this coming Thursday.  It is SUCH a relief for me to be finished, an enormous weight has been lifted.  While I didn't do nearly as well as I would have liked, I did make it.  There is the temptation to get down on myself for my grades, but that quickly flees when I look back at all that has happened this semester.  If I hadn't lived it, I would think it was made up. 

I did not get the NFP job, but God is so good, because He takes care of me so perfectly.  I said before that all I could pray for regarding this job was that His will would be the same as mine.  There was another part to that prayer...that if our wills weren't the same that He would make me be okay with it. He did. I don't know how, but He did.  When I got the letter that they had hired someone else, I was inexplicably fine with it.  But still there was the question, "HOW IN THE WORLD ARE WE GOING TO SURVIVE?!"  In another inexplicable series of events my friend, Jenny, introduced me to Juice Plus+.  The bottom line is that #1 & I joined the team and are now sharing it with...well...everyone.  I am impressed with the product, I'm impressed with the company and am IMPRESSED with their Child Health Study, in which an adult who buys the product can get it for a child...for free.  I'm still floored by the fact that this company cares enough about kids that they will bend over backward for them to get it.  I hadn't been interested in a direct marketing type job, because, well, I NEED A REGULAR PAYCHECK. But the pieces fell into place and I have peace about it.  It really is God thing & now the prayer is that I'll be able to help people by sharing this product & be able to (SOON) bring in enough money that we can survive...don't need to get rich, just support my kiddos.

Part of the reason that Juice Plus+ is the path I'm pursuing is that DM's mom has cancer and needs to be taken care of.  She is doing well right now on palliative care with hospice, but really shouldn't be left alone for too long.  She wants to be at home, but doesn't believe she needs caregivers. DM isn't capable of taking care of arranging her care and the friend that has been doing it really needs to get on with her own life.  So it falls to me.  If I have a traditional job, I won't be able to be there as much.  With Juice Plus+, I'll be able to still "work" while taking care of her at the same time.  I want to do it, but it is so very difficult, what with her being furious that I'm separated from her darling son and the fact that our communication difficulties have not improved with said separation.

With that being said, I am so looking forward to summer and playing with my kids.