Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Wordless

Some Days are Good Mom Days

Being a mom is hard and most of the time it is thankless & I feel like a failure. Then there are days like yesterday.
#1 needed to be picked up from tutoring, which he went to on his own volition *hooray boy!*, at 4:00. I arrived a bit early so decided to find some of #2’s teachers to check up on the little bugger say hi. While walking along the 2nd floor I spotted #1 at a table with some friends. When he saw me a look of astonishment came over his face and the conversation went something like this:
What are YOU doing here?
Picking you up. What are you doing OUTSIDE?
Tutoring is over. I thought Papa was picking me up.
You thought wrong. Be with you in a minute.
I went in to talk to #2’s art teacher. Though the boy is doing well, he still doesn’t think that all homework applies to him. When I got back to the car #1 told me that my “cool mom legacy” continues. Apparently his friends were amazed by our conversation. I replied that I didn’t even speak to them or do anything cool. I guess their conversations with their maternal units are more stuffy formal. I learned that all people don’t talk to their kids as if they were, well, people. That just made my day.