Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The sadness


We went to ride the lightrail on opening day. We headed out to Christown...I know it has a different name, I just don't know what it is! That being the begining of the lightrail line. They were having quite the festival. Food booths, a stage with men singing old songs, general carnival like atmosphere. Katie was so excited to ride. When we approached the line, it was more like Disneyland than a carnival. There was a two and a half hour wait to ride the stinking thing!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!!!

Yes, it has been a long time.

Not long after my last post, my home life, which had been progressively becoming less satisfying, abruptly (after some drastic action on my part) took a turn for the better. Try a 180. I just about got whiplash! Actually not whiplash but a massive case of anxiety. Here I was with harmony in my home for the first time in...wellll...years, a job I like, fantastic kids and constant anxiety attacks! I really wasn't fair. One would think that the AA would happen when things are bad right? Oh, no. Not me! But then ask Dr. Moore (my pediatrician when I was a little girl) I've always been weird.

I was muddling through work, barely. Easy tasks, such as filing, were beginning to confound me. The old brain just shut down. I was able to avoid turning into crazy, angry lady again, tho' it was a near thing near the end there. The problem was that my psycho nurse switched practices and the MD type I see has NO CLUE about psycho meds. I eventually wound up taking a week off to find a new psycho and get on new meds. My mother asked how I planned to get in to a new psycho in only a week. My response was because I willed it so.

I spent all Monday on the phone and was beginning to despair. Tuesday the kids were off school, so we went and played...that my friends is better than all the psychos in the universe. While on our tri-city playing tour I got a call that one of the psychos could see me Thursday! Yippee!!!!!

I went to see her...she really wanted to diagnose me as bi-polar. I've been through that with the first psycho...I'm SOOOOOOO not bi-polar. But I really don't care what she wants to call me, as long as she gives me drugs that work. She did, I am taking them & am back to normal...well form me anyway...which is pretty f-ing weird in the first place.

The next week, when I got back to work, I had an appointment with my supervisor. No big deal, she is cool, but it was a little curious, since I'd been languishing on the job for quite some time. And, you know, recession and all, yadda yadda. I meet with her at the appointed time, she asks how I am then asks if I want the desktop publishing position. DOES THE POPE SHIT IN THE WOODS? IS A BEAR CATHOLIC?

I had been mentioning for the past year that I wanted that position. When I say mentioning, I mean bugging, nagging, telling everyone that would listen that I wanted it. I made sure to bring it up to the powers that be as often as possible...FOR A YEAR. I guess they were finally fed up with the lady that had taken it over and were willing to give me a shot. The plan was to start training that Thursday...this was Monday, remember.

Tuesday, when I got in to work, I had frantic e-mails & voice mails from my supervisor. There was a desktop emergency (doesn't that bring to mind files on fire or rodents and insects scurrying all over the place? WTH is a desktop emergency anyway?) and the other lady wasn't in. She asked if I would be willing to jump in and take care of it. See above re: the Pope & the bear. I did, I found a document that no one could tell the locations for, made edits to said document in a program that I had never even heard of before and got it sent back to the requester in record time. From that moment on I was the new desktop person...the other lady found out...the next day...when she came back in.

I love my job!!!! I get paid to play with pictures all day long. I get paid to teach myself really groovy new software programs. I almost feel guilty about taking money for it...almost. I'm feeling an awful lot like Br'er Rabbit...I finally got thrown into my briar patch!

Merry Christmas!