Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to spend a Thursday

While sitting in McDonald's Mart & I were having "story hour". I started reading my favoritist blogging idol, Wendi Aarons. I started reading to him, he begged me to keep reading. We must have read 5-6 posts. When we finished this we were nearly late to pick up Sebass. Check it out, it's a good one.

Parental Fun

I was going to call this The Joys of Being a Good Parent, but think that there would be at least one Minion with a retort at calling myself “good” at this point.
#1 is a good boy. A very good boy. He has really avoided most of the teen angst & bad behavior, up to this point. Since “being in a relationship” (by the updating of a FaceBook status) he has become increasingly douchebaggy moody. Everyday he finds his siblings to be exponentially more irritating, but one IS a tween and they should be locked in a closet till their voice changes. Any place is better than being at home, or so it would seem.
What follows is the textversation we had yesterday when I requested that he pick me up from the bus & take me to his grandpa’s house, so I could borrow a car.

Me: Please come pick me up and take me to borrow Danggad’s truck.
#1: wait why cant danggad pick u up
Me: Why don’t you call him & find out?
#1: ho ho wichmeans.youhave and he said no
Me: No, he suggested you bring me over.
#1: well linda hasn’t been feeling good i’m not pissed just irked.

When the precious darling picked me up I asked him if he cared to hear my opinion of the fact that he was just irked. He hastily explained that that wasn’t a threat, just that he likes to know what to expect, not have things sprung on him, so he was informing me of his mood.
All I did was look at him. That was all that was necessary. This happened to be the child who, just that morning, informed me that it was the last day for him to fulfill a requirement, so would have to stay after school. And BTW, the sports banquet was also that evening. Hence the need to borrow my dad's car.
He understood the inconsistency between his words and actions.
At least he is a reasonable, irritating, egomaniacal teenager.