Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm a Guardian Angel

I'm a collector of kids. I have my own amazing minions, as well as a slew of their friends that call me mom. Most of my collection are boys, but I'm sure more girls will be added as The Princess gets older.  When I was young I imagined I would have twice the number of children I do.  But now I have all these extras to love & play with & I don't have to be responsible for their homework...boy howdy is that a plus.

Leila introduced me to Reece's Rainbow and all the precious orphans that so desperately need families.  I can't allow myself too much time on the site because I want to bring them all home...especially the boys.  Then came Kurt. I fell into his big, brown eyes and wasn't able to surface.  I want to kiss those cheeks and get him to smile. If my life were different I would snatch him up so fast, but it isn't. His cerebral palsy is mild and he only had $10 in his fund! So now I'm Kurt's guardian angel.  I'm committed to praying for him and helping him find his family. The kids are praying for their "little brother".  I know his mama is out there, she just needs to see him!

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