Friday, April 6, 2007

Day One

April 2, 2007

So I'm off to work. Not even Katie seems too distressed, which is good, but everyone is acting like life is normal. It is sssoooooooo not normal for me. I go to work with visions of Robert cleaning the house & having a nice dinner made when I get home. You may scoff, but he would do it just to show me how easy it is. He is more task oriented than I...a fact he reminds me of often.

Orientation all day, no biggie. They just fill my head with lots of fluffy information, give me WAY too many papers, and have me watch some videos. People here seem to be overly happy with their jobs. I've had multitudes tell me what a fabulous and fun place this is to work. It is a little creepy to me. I understand the "pump up the new meat mentality", but please. People have even stopped me while walking down the hall to tell me how great it is. Weird.

Rob't calls in the late afternoon to ask me to pick up some things for dinner. Asks me to get veggie stuff for our mexican pizza's he is making. As I smirk to myself, I told him no problem. Far be it from me to complain about stopping at the store after work. How many times had I asked him to do it & he bitched or said no? How many you ask? Let's just say that I don't have that many fingers or toes. I don't have that many leg hairs for that matter! During our phone call he says...and I quote..."We have a little bit of cheese." I ask if he wants me to get some. His only reply is something to the kids about homework. Again I ask if I should get cheese too. He says, "The veggies are good."

I drive home and am tired, really tired. I miss my afternoon naps with Kate. Not that I took them everyday (really Robert I didn't), but I could have used one today. I stop at the store to get the veggies, I wonder if I should get cheese, but no, he said just the veggies.

Walk in the door. The house is basically in the same shape as when I left. The two little ones attack me and ask about my day. AAWWW they do love me! Rob't is standing by the stove looking frazzled. I give him the groceries and lay down in bed with Kate. The man is muttering and then yells, "WHERE'S THE CHEESE?!" The following insanity ensues:

Me: I didn't get cheese, you told me not to.

Him: I told you that we only had a little cheese.

Me: But you said to only get the veggies.

Him: We need cheese, go to the store and get some.

Note: he would almost NEVER go to the store after coming home from work.

Me: *Sigh* Fine I'll go. *I get up and change my shoes.*

Him: CHEESE!!!!!!

Me: *walking into the kitchen* Do you want me to go now and get cheese?

Him: *shaking the bag of cheese*

Me: What does that mean? Should I go or not?

Him: *growing increasingly whinier* But the cheese.

Me: Yeeees...Do you want me to go right now and get it?

Him: *pouty voice* We'll just use what is here.

Dinner was lovely. And yes...there was enough cheese.


The Mominator said...

Bwahahahaha! Oh, man. I can HEAR it! You absolutely rock.

Dulce said...

I want to be a fly on the wall in your house!!!