Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Makes Me Smile

So I've been surfing around checking out new blogs. I've read things that made me almost spit tea on my keybord, things that bored me to tears, and things that actually made me have real tears, they were so touching. A couple times I saw lists of things that annoy the author. While I'm all for making a list of annoyances, there are really untold opportunities to get peeved every day, I thought I'd go against the grain (who me?!) and list what makes me smile.

I got this photo from someone at work. It was in a chain with a bunch of other interesting/silly/amazing photos. I set this as the wallpaper on my computer. Everytime I see him I smile. I do realize that it is most probably photoshopped, but admitting that is like admitting the Easter Bunny is real. It pains me. Either way...I wish I had taken and/or photoshopped this picture.

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