Monday, April 6, 2009

The Offending Pustule

#2 had a dermatology appointment. He's supposed to go every had been more than that...much, muuuuuch more than that. DM took him as I was in the midst of one of my grueling 11 hour work days.

I got a text from the boy, "they put a needle in my nose."

See, he had had a...pimple, zit, growth, protrusion...whatever. It had been on the side of his nose for nearly a month. I thought it was going to burst and spiders would come crawling out of it a la "The Believers" . He had squeezed it a couple times and the substance that erupted from it was neither puss nor blood but an evil combination of the two.

The quack said, "That is no's an infection." Hence the needle in the nose.
He texted me again saying, "they hurt me." My poor baby. After a rousing course of antibiotics, he is clear complected once more.
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