Monday, April 6, 2009

The Track Meet

So, I insisted on bringing all the kids to #1's track meet on Saturday. It was at my alma mater-ish. While it is not the school I graduated from, it is the school that I claim.

One year as the invisible girl at Alhambra, does not an alumni my way of thinking anyway.

So Bourgade is "my" highschool. I may have been back there once or twice since graduation and have successfully avoided any reunions in the last century, but being there with my princess was really a nostalgic, angst filled, neck ruffling way. I think the reason I was finally ready to enjoy being back is because I've finally grown into myself. I'm no longer the dorky, shy, insecure teenager. I'm the dorky self-assured old lady. I really like this stage sooooo much better. I enjoy, even revel in the weirdness that is me. I like who I am and really don't care what others think. Now this doesn't mean I'll go to the store unshowered and bra-less...I might kill someone! But if I don't look perfect, it really is okay. I am not my appearance, tho' I still do, occasionally, shave my legs and consistently wear a minimal amount of makeup.

It was fun showing the princess where Papa & Mama met and, unlike the boys, she thought it was neat.

Maybe I'll go back, before another hundred years passes.
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