Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Christmas Ever!!

This was a very fun Christmas.

We went to the children's Mass at 4 on Christmas Eve because Driven Man had to work at 7. That was a trial & #1 had a VERY difficult time with the people reading magazines and playing video games during Mass. When we got out DM rushed off to work & we went out with Wawa for dinner at Macayos.

Now, the tradition in our family is that we open one present on Christmas Eve. The present that the boys got to open was Guitar Hero III. Katie opened her Littlest Pet Shop and was beside herself with joy. The boys & I cracked open the GH & played & played & played. It was so much fun...#s 2&3 are very serious while playing. It is fun, but quiet. We do talk and taunt between songs, but during is all about the song. #1 and I are just a couple of idiots. We laugh & tease & kick each other. I swear I morph into a 14 year old boy when I play with him!

We opened all the other presents in the morning. I realized I'm going to have to keep DM...he gave me the best presents ever! The first was a mounted poster of this:
I first saw this picture in a photography book I got at the library. This is Salvador Dali photographed by Phillipe Halsman. Everything in the picture is in the air. I think it is the most brilliant piece of photography I've ever seen.

The second gift is a certificate for a trip in a wind tunnel. Here is a little explanation from their website:
Indoor Skydiving gives you the opportunity to experience the freedom of flight with no parachute or experience needed. Find out why birds sing without having to actually jump from an airplane.

So, essentially, I will be doing this:
Yes...I will put pictures up here! I'm going to post this now, as my adoring public is clamoring for some new reading material. At least we just found out that we get to leave at 3!!!!!

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