Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm not dead. I've been entrenched in the world of white collar crime and have not had 3 brain cells to rub together, much less the time to write here.

In the beginning/middle of June I was assigned to the WCC department. Both secretaries left the firm within two weeks and, basically, I was left to run the show myself! It was a terrifying and exciting experience. That desk was really busy and the attorneys so nice. I got to learn what white collar crime really means...someone with money that gets in trouble with the law. We had everything from DUIs to molesters to government scandals. It was interesting to say the least. In the middle of it I was assigned to another litigation partner who was having difficulties replacing her secretary of 15 years. The dear woman retired, and apparently no one could fill her shoes. I couldn't either and I was fitting #3. For a tiny, dried up, little old lady she sure had huge shoes to fill...I'm talking Shaq here! Fitting #4 seems to be working out, I do hear them yelling at each other, but at least she has lasted 2 months. After that going back to only WCC was a treat, but shortly thereafter the group left the firm and I'm back to floating. That is a vacation in itself. To be able to work leisurely is a treat, having nothing to do...not so much. You know you are sick when you reminisce about the insane days!

Well, it is time to go home. I know this has been boring, but next time I'll tell all about Guitar Hero III!

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