Friday, August 26, 2011

I Are A College Student

Since I lost my job in February, and haven't found another yet, I enrolled in Scottsdale Community College. While it is scary, I know that this is what I need to be doing. With most of the first week of classes under my belt, I am really excited. The classes I'm taking, however, do not appear to be that taxing. While this is a good thing for my first semester, especially with the life I have, it feels rather silly. I tested very poorly in math, so am starting at the beginning. All the minions, especially #3, like to remind me that they are in more advanced math classes than me. I'm taking yoga, which is really important for ME, not a mentally challenging class. I'm excited for Spanish. In the past six months it has become glaringly apparent that being bilingual is not just a bonus, but a necessity. Then there is "Strategies for College Success". While the book looks good, the class has mostly been touchy-feely, awkward icebreaker, kindergarten level activities. Today is my graphic art class...I'M SO JAZZED!
The thing I've been pondering, especially with Veritas curriculum nights this week, is how to give myself a Veritas education, even though the classes I'm taking are relatively...meh. I'm thinking it hinges on a phrase that drives all the Veritas minions crazy: SENSE OF WONDER. This will be the key to my getting everything I possibly can in school. To foster that in all areas and really dig deep to maintain it, even if I think some of the things we do are boring or silly. Thankfully I've been gifted with a childlike(ish) sense of wonder in life as it is.
Here I go!

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