Monday, August 11, 2008

Freaks on the loose part deaux

When last we left off, the freakish darlings & I had arrived at "take your child to work day". We went in, got situated & #2 dove head first into the donuts & apple juice. I left him & #3 to their feeding frenzy and brought #1 with me to my desk & introduce him around. I learned a few things from this:

  • "The Pants with Nobody Inside Them" has left massive emotional scars on the boy,
  • you don't introduce your teenager by your adorable nickname for him
  • when introducing him to lots of different people, change the script periodically...apparently I said the same thing to everyone...or be subjected to merciless mocking.

We went back with the group in time to learn what is done in a law firm and then they heard the story of "The People vs. Joey Wolfcrier". This was a mock-trial that the kids got to put on. They received their rolls and split up. While the "actors" were learning their parts, the "jury" was being prepped.
After prep, the trial began. #2 was a witness for the prosecution, the blacksmith. He really didn't like Joey Wolfcrier. My bff's dd was the defense attorney, these are her shoes. I was sitting on the floor taking pictures, so got to watch her feet under the table...cracked me up. I know I'm strange...I don't fight it anymore.

This is our courtroom:Which bff disrupted so the Judge could bang her gavel. None of the kids really knew what she was doing tho...#2 just thought she was being a moron.

The jury went to deliberate, when they returned it was a hung jury. All but one of them thought Joey was innocent. The lone guilty vote was none other than my #3.

Afterward, we did crafts. Here are the results:
After the crafts, we didn't have anything else to do, so got to go home early.
Up next: Freaks on the loose in downtown Phoenix!

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