Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Freaks in Downtown Phoenix

When last we met the junior freaks and their fearless leader got to leave "Take Your Child to Work Day" early.
What to do? Go home two hours early to a grumpy man? Absolutely not! We went on a walking tour of Downtown Phoenix.
First there was lunch. Now, there are many interesting sights and sounds downtown that give it its own distinct flavor. One major attraction is Angry Preacher Guy (whose name, I've been told is Robert).
Nearly every afternoon, for a couple hours, this guy is on his corner, screaming about the wages of sin and the wrath of JE sus. This photo is about as friendly looking as the man gets. I've been wanting to take his picture for quite some time, but didn't have the guts. The boys & I had gone to Starbucks, which is across the street from his perch. No! I did not take the photo blatantly. I had #1 pose, acted like I was taking his pic. & just zoomed to get this shot. Aren't I sneaky? Or stupid, whatever.
We also watched construction:
Then #3 posed in front of the naked man statue:

Please note the hand placement. It was actually unintentional, tho does keep my blog rated PG.
We then decided to walk over to the Herberger Theater. Well, actually, I decided, but that is the joy of being the Fearless Freak Leader, isn't it?

The Herberger has many statues in front of it. Dancing statues. Naked, dancing statues. Are you sensing a theme? I have always wanted to dance with the naked statues. So we did. Here is the evidence:

It was so very, very much fun. This last picture was the only pose #2 would do. The other two participated marvelously...especially #3.

From there we went over to the Arizona Center. Whilst #2 went in Hooter's (at least they aren't naked) to use the restroom, the other boys had a lunch bag fight.

I love the way people watch us when we do these things. It is such fun being a freak. I highly recommend it!

After milling around the Arizona Center for a while, we decided to take the trek home. Well, we took the bus home, but you got that didn't you?

It was a hot day...very, very hot...surface of the sun hot. We waited in the sun at the bus stop, despairing of ever being cool again. When it finally arrived there was much rejoicing!

The bus didn't have air conditioning!

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