Monday, April 14, 2008

Kids are just too darn smart

Last week while #3 and I were driving home from football practice, blissfully alone for once, he was babbling on about some video game. I had no frame of reference for what he was talking about & my mind was wandering far, far away. Being a good mom, I did manage to keep an attentiveish look on my face. When he was done I nodded and uttered something along the lines of "mmmhhhhmmmm". He began discussing the practice & I was once again transported into the conversation. Right in the middle he blurts out, "You were totally not listening to me before, huh mom?" If I hadn't been on the freeway I would have buried my face in my hands. I just giggled uncontrollably. He said, "See...I know you! #1 has taught me well."

They are just too smart!

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