Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Blast from the Past

I just realized that I had a blog on live journal years ago. I found it & started reading. Pretty funny, pretty interesting. I thought this tidbit would be good to put on here. It makes me see how far we have come. It was titled "What to do about (#3)".

That boy may be the death of me, or I him. I he lives to adulthood it will be a miracle!

Today started off badly when he told me that he didn't want to eat breakfast at school, just wanted to go play. I told him no, he must eat, he had plenty of time to eat and play. He growled around and finally went into the cafeteria. I didn't leave till I saw him scooting down the line with his tray, milk & utensils.

When I got there to pick him up, his teacher let us come into her room to wait for #2. #3 was so good. He sat right in his desk and did his homework with hardly any prompting from me. I was shocked and amazed.When done, we left to get #2. After a ways I looked back & there's no #3. "#1, go get your brother." He disappears also. A couple minutes later #1 emerges...dragging #3. The latter is mad, he wanted to go to the playground, I said we had to go to the Chiro. He's pissed, won't move, sitting, pouting on the sidewalk. I go over to the little house monkey and he won't get up, won't speak, only grunts. I try to stand him up, no dice, crumples to the ground like a cheap suit. Try again, this time putting my finger like a hook in his armpit and ATTEMPTING to lift him up like that.

Notice I said attempting?

The child is oblivious to pain...unless he chooses not to be. This is why spanking doesn't work with him. In order for it to effect his behavior it would have to be borderline child abuse...seriously. Gotta find some way to discipline him. Any way, I'm getting madder & madder. I finally decided to leave him there, he'll get bored & decide to straighten up.

What a moron I am.

He just stayed there pouting, and making sure to grunt if people walked by. Yes, I am so very proud. I'm glad I've finally gotten over myself and realized that his behavior is a reflection on him, not me. I go back over, try again. Same results. This time I threaten and make even more of an effort to get him moving, he will not. I give him a swat on his bottom, don't care anymore what people will think. He didn't care at all. I had to walk away, I asked my sister to help me & we just walked away from him toward the cars. He did start following, but knew we were watching him, so made sure to keep his distance. I took all the others to the cars and she went back for him. Surely he wouldn't behave that way for his Auntie.

See above moron comment.

She DRAGGED him into the office and told the secretary that I would be in later to get him. Picture this, a woman who is 6 months pregnant, dragging a 5 year old dead weight that is grunting, squealing and grabbing on to anything that he can.

He is very strong.

I wait till all the traffic has gone (about 10 minutes) and go in the office.

"Are you ready to come with me?"


"We need to go now, get up."


I then take his backpack & say, "Fine, I'm taking this to the car then."

He gets up and follows me. I hug him and sit with him for a while, try to talk to no avail. Let him be, we'll talk later.

When we got home I made him go in his room until dinner. That was a feat in itself. He was apologetic and loving, then when he realized that didn't mean he could come out he freaked all over again.

It wasn't all horrible, he was the sweetest person after dinner. Remorseful & loving. I don't know what to do with him. I will not enable him to turn out like Dean Hoffman! (Dean is a guy that my brother went to highschool with...a complete sociopath)

Talk about a trip down memory lane. He really isn't nearly that bad anymore. Maybe he is learning to use his powers for good.

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