Thursday, May 3, 2007

Silly silly morning

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted, but the assignments I've had have kept me very busy. That is a good thing, but there has been quite a bit to report.

Yesterday was just a laugh a minute. I will relate the events of the morning in reverse order.

Incident the third: As #1 & I were driving to school, traffic going in the other was stopped. No, it wasn't an accident. As we got closer we saw a man in the road hunched over. HE WAS HERDING DUCKS! A mother duck & her little ducklings were...wait for it...crossing the road, and this man had stopped traffic to help them get out of the street. Yes, very nice man, very good deed, I might have done it myself, but by this point of the morning it was fuel for uproarious giggles.

Incident the second: Earlier on our drive to school there was a gigantic van ahead of us. When I say gigantic, I mean it wasn't a full size passenger van or some such. It wasn't a panel truck, it wasn't any kind of vehicle I have ever seen before. It was smaller than a semi, but bigger than a panel truck. It was white with MANY brightly colored cartoon animals on it. As we got close enough to read it, the sign said...and I kid you not..."Doggie Dude Ranch Daycare Bus". Say that ten times fast! I gave #1 my phone and he tried to take a picture, but it didn't work.

Incident the first: I was in the shower, actively showering, and Rob't pulls open the shower curtain. Initially I was thinking that this could be fun, except he had such a concerned, sincere look on his face. He said, "I'm worried that you have breast cancer." Here I am, naked and dripping wet (sorry for the visual), wondering what has happened that I don't know about. Am I having blackouts and I went to the doctor & just don't remember it? Was Rob't getting friendly while I slept & found a lump? I said, as you can probably imagine, "WHAT?!" He repeated it and as I stood there with mouth gaping & blinking the water out of my eyes he asked, "Do you check? Do you have a buddy to remind you to check?" As I shook myself out of my confusion induced haze, I was able to blurt out, "Yes I check, no I don't have a buddy, but I check. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS?" Again with the concerned expression. "Well breast cancer is more prevalent...I blame microwaves." At which point I told him to get out of the bathroom.

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