Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm sssccccaaaarrrreeeddd?!

What is my problem? I am the girl that, essentially, doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks. I revel in my lunacy. I do something stupid & it is a cause for celebration.

But now, I’m having performance anxiety, stage fright, an all around case of the nerves!

Laurie Notaro is having an essay contest. Since I am the biggest idiot girl I know, I have to enter! The deadline is only a week away tho and what if what I enter sucks? Is a week long enough to produce a less than 450 word masterpiece? And whatever shall I write about?! Are any of my idiot girl escapades actually funny? Now there are people that say I’m funny and that I should write a book, but these are people like my mom or assorted others that I’ve paid to hang out with me.

Enough of the whining already! I will sit down & crank out a story. If it sucks, so be it. Hey! That could be an idiot girl story all by itself!

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