Friday, May 9, 2008


For the past few days I have been wearing my old boot on my sore foot. You know, the big old orthopedic boot that has a 2” high lift that is rounded, so you feel like you are walking on a boot? The one that you wrap a padded cushion around your leg so that your leg sweats profusely. The thing that you Velcro yourself into with enough strap to make it seem a bit kinky. The one that you can tuck a flask inside, thus enabling you to drink your booze at the concert? (Was that last one out loud?)

Anyhoo. I hate wearing the boot. It isn’t fun, tho it does seem to be helping. I decided not to wear it today, to see how it would do. Before lunch I put it back on. But I finally realized why I don’t want to wear it.


When I wear it I look like a cripple.

I walk like a cripple: If I’m not careful I will slam the ankle of my good foot on the hard plastic edge of the boot. This is not comfy and especially attractive when blood runs down my leg. So I have to sort of swing the good leg out to avoid doing this. Hey! If I bend over I could look like Quasimodo!.

I sound like a cripple: Step……thunk. Step…..thunk. Step….thunk.

I’M NOT A FREAKING CRIPPLE. I can do anything I want to, with the exception of run very far or fast. But who wants to run anyway?

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