Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Twisted, twisted child

I love my children equally, but in different ways, because they are such different people. #2 is especially twisted. His sense of humor is so much like mine it frightens me sometimes. When watching movies we very often wind up laughing uproariously, when no one else does.

Last night while we were all watching our favorite show, "How I Met Your Mother," there was a commercial for some depression medicine. You know the one: Depression hurts, blah, blah, blah. (Not making fun of depression, just the commercial.) It talks about how depression hurts, sadness, being unable to function, lack of interest, etc. In the middle of it #2 pipes up with, "I'm depressed at school!" Driven man, #1 & I all laughed until we wet ourselves.

Changing the bed at 8:00p.m. is not very fun.

Name Change

My darling husband, heretofore referred to as Rob't, will now be known as Driven Man. He knows why and I don't need to share. I've mentioned before how much more task oriented he is than I...well he is. Hence the moniker Driven Man.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Silly silly morning

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted, but the assignments I've had have kept me very busy. That is a good thing, but there has been quite a bit to report.

Yesterday was just a laugh a minute. I will relate the events of the morning in reverse order.

Incident the third: As #1 & I were driving to school, traffic going in the other was stopped. No, it wasn't an accident. As we got closer we saw a man in the road hunched over. HE WAS HERDING DUCKS! A mother duck & her little ducklings were...wait for it...crossing the road, and this man had stopped traffic to help them get out of the street. Yes, very nice man, very good deed, I might have done it myself, but by this point of the morning it was fuel for uproarious giggles.

Incident the second: Earlier on our drive to school there was a gigantic van ahead of us. When I say gigantic, I mean it wasn't a full size passenger van or some such. It wasn't a panel truck, it wasn't any kind of vehicle I have ever seen before. It was smaller than a semi, but bigger than a panel truck. It was white with MANY brightly colored cartoon animals on it. As we got close enough to read it, the sign said...and I kid you not..."Doggie Dude Ranch Daycare Bus". Say that ten times fast! I gave #1 my phone and he tried to take a picture, but it didn't work.

Incident the first: I was in the shower, actively showering, and Rob't pulls open the shower curtain. Initially I was thinking that this could be fun, except he had such a concerned, sincere look on his face. He said, "I'm worried that you have breast cancer." Here I am, naked and dripping wet (sorry for the visual), wondering what has happened that I don't know about. Am I having blackouts and I went to the doctor & just don't remember it? Was Rob't getting friendly while I slept & found a lump? I said, as you can probably imagine, "WHAT?!" He repeated it and as I stood there with mouth gaping & blinking the water out of my eyes he asked, "Do you check? Do you have a buddy to remind you to check?" As I shook myself out of my confusion induced haze, I was able to blurt out, "Yes I check, no I don't have a buddy, but I check. WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS?" Again with the concerned expression. "Well breast cancer is more prevalent...I blame microwaves." At which point I told him to get out of the bathroom.