Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hippiefied White Trash Door

So...came home to #3 still not having finished back homework and having lied to me last night...long story, not worth it.
Needless to say I was in a right foul mood. DM barked at kids and I told him that I was the only one allowed to be angry...he complied!
#2 had inadvertently started to shut the bathroom door & DM tried to go on a tirade about the inconceivability of being unable to remember to NOT shut the door when one needs to use the facilities. (Spend 13 years teaching a kid to shut the door then get mad when he does it automatically...go figure.) He stopped himself tho, so he was allowed to live...for the night.

When next I passed the bathroom, this is what I saw:

Yes, we are hippies. We have a curtain for a bathroom door. Now the curtain is a very patriotic print which would make one think it is an oxymoron...pretty appropriate for me dontcha think?
Here is the princess showing off the Patriotic Hippiefied Art Deco White Trash bathroom door:
She thinks it is pretty cool. If I weren't annoyed about the whole situation...and well...5...I would too.
I'm waiting to see how the snake oil LN works and how quickly the situation is rectified before committing moronicide.
I think Monday would be a good day for a funeral.

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WA said...

Haha! I keep looking at the picture expecting Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson to come roaring out of it on motorcycles.

And if I never thanked you for the link before, thank you!