Monday, February 25, 2008

WeightWatchers really works!!

There was a fatburn challenge at work in October. I entered, tried, lost a couple pounds, but nothing good enough to win money in the challenge. Part of my problem was that Driven Man was doing anything he could to undermine me. The other part was that I didn't really have a plan. I "tried to eat better". I didn't want to go on a "diet" because then I would feel denied and then cheat & quit. I wanted to exercise, but couldn't figure it out. Driven Man was so against me joining a gym & so I dragged my feet. After the contest ended, I decided not to care what he thought. I need to exercise, I need to eat better food than the processed, greasy, prepackaged stuff that we have been eating for so long. I decided to take a page from the DM handbook and do what I want without saying anything to him. I signed up at the Bally's by my house. I have been consistently going now for the past few weeks.

I joined WeightWatchers inadvertently. I wanted to learn more because my BFF, who happens to work at the same company I do, has been doing it. I needed to learn about it so I could keep talking to her. Everything was points this and points that. They had a deal where you get a free week membership in their online program. I had to enter my card info, since at the end of the week they charge for a 3 month membership. I thought, "No problem, I'll just cancel before the week is up." HA!!!! I am now $70 poorer, but 5 1/2 pounds lighter!!! I figured that if I paid the $, I may as well work the program. The funny thing is, it really does work. I'm not feeling deprived or hungry and it is helping me change the way I think about food.

Today we had a secretarial meeting and they had bagels for us. I just grabbed a bottle of water and sat down. When people started asking why I wasn't eating (was I not feeling well?) I smiled and said, "I lost 2 1/2 lbs. this week, that feels better than any bagel tastes."

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The Mominator said...

Wohoooo! 5.5 pounds is more than a sack of flour. Seriously, carry a sack of flour around for a day and then put it down... you'll be tired and so amazed that you are now taxing yourself 5lbs less than before.

Right on!